Shelving Systems

Multiple Racking Solutions covers all of your shelf racking needs in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for shelving for your home, office, warehouse, factory or the likes, you have come to the right place. We have an extensive range of shelving available for purchase, suitable for a range of different needs, complete with a variety of accessories. We are your shelf racking one stop shop! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you have any questions!

our Shelving Racking Systems | Warehouse & Office Shelving Units Melbourne

One of the most important aspects of creating an efficient work or home environment is to have an organised space. Clutter and excess items often pile up and ultimately obstruct work and living areas. We provide the most efficient and systematic shelving units and shelving racking systems in Melbourne. Our shelving units are the perfect form of storage for all types of items; whether you utilise them to display your favourite artifacts, or perhaps to store the many excess items you may still need in you home, warehouse, office, or any other space, one of our shelving units and racking systems will surely provide you with the right storage option.

We have a wide variety to select from and different styles to suit your needs. Our sizes vary, giving you the option to select one that is appropriate for your space and requirements. All of our shelving products and accessories comply with Australian standards and codes, ensuring that they are safe and reliable to use.

Types of Shelving

  • Gondola shelving
  • RUT shelving
  • Compactus units
  • Rivet shelving
  • Cool Room shelving
  • Mobile shelving

Accessories for Shelving

  • Flat type Louvered Panels
  • Parts bins for Louvered Panels
  • Rolled type Louvered Panels
  • Stackable Parts Bins
  • Parts Trays